Your Cards and Letter...

                        ...and e-mails
copyright 2008 © Fear knocks press
Dear Fear Knocks,
        How much do you
        pay your authors who
        are selected to appear
        in your pages dear?

        Poor Poet

Fear Knocks Responds: Until today
Actually, all joking aside, we will start paying our authors a small stipend agreed upon by the author and Fear Knocks.  We aren't made of money, but we should be able to send you a few Lincolns - enough to gain membership in the Horror Writers Club of America or something.

Dear Editor,
I read the Basement Well from Issue #1 to my students again for Halloween, as well as pointed them to your web site.  Great stuff! 

Fear Knocks responds: Thanx, as always, Paul, and we even had the issue out by midnight this year! 

Keep those cards and letter coming!