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Custy's Used Auto
Nicholas Morris
a glimpse of something fading into the darkness...

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The Stranger
Angela Kleespies
If I die and anyone reads this...
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Nylon Screams
Daniel Alexander
His fist crushes her cheekbone...
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Aim High!  At least that's what the recruiter said... The last few months have been rather hectic - school, writing, work, reading, trips outside of the country, writing - so I apologize upfront for neglecting all of you for the last 7 months.  This month...
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A Memory of Bones
Megan Burns will never leave
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The Shadow
Cinnamon Madsen
It want's me for its' eats!
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Rusty Keele
Are you trying to kill yourself?"
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The Dancer
Dane Peacock
Please don't let him hurt me
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wind, coffee, and Jet City Woman aficionados...
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Family Album
Megan Burns
...already in their little coffin beds...
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