Ghosts or No Ghosts…

I have a friend who is an excellent blogger – she blogs once or twice a month. The content is simple, straightforward, and always timely. Her themes are always interesting and she gets it all done like a flash fiction writer. I aspire to be more like her. So, how about a blog post under 200 words with only 2 pictures, ghosts, and breakfast?

Breakfast with Ghosts


This is the breakfast on the Queen Mary when I was at StokerCon in 2017. It was the most delicious I had had in a while and was a highlight of the trip, along with the ghosts.


Breakfast without Ghosts


This is breakfast at the Marriott in Provo during LTUE 2018, just last week. It reminded me very much of the Queen Mary breakfast, but no ghosts.



Breakfast is pretty freakin’ awesome, no matter where you are, ghosts or no ghosts. Have a super day, whether you are in the Land of the Living or the Land of the Dead.

//171 words, 2 pictures! – see my friend at E. Ellis Allen//

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