Fear Knocks presents… The Plan to Take Over the World

As several of you are probably aware, I have jumped off the curb and into the gutter of Indie Publishing, previously known as self-publishing. One reason is because what I write doesn’t really fit in a clean, one owner, genre on a bookshelf or in the mind of an agent or publisher, and that’s okay.¬† I’m all right with that (adjective: alright¬† satisfactory but not especially good; acceptable). I’ve started with short stories. They’re easy, relatively simple to create as eBooks, and are giving me some experience in what I’m going to have to get really good at when I take the plunge with a full-length novel. I’ve decided to call this first foray into ePublishing Fear Knocks presents, a series of short stories that will eventually be included in a full-length collection of a dozen or so short stories (a real eBook). They will basically all have the same covers, only the title will be different, and they’ll all be cheap, even free at times. I’ll probably announce the FREE times via newsletter, so if you are interested, you may want to sign up by clicking HERE, if you haven’t already subscribed.

That said, feedback is wonderful. Of the four stories that will be offered, two are reprints, so they’ve already gone through a hefty editing process, one received an honorable mention in a large writing contest, and one, well, I just liked it, and so did my wife. There may be a couple more, because the ultimate goal of this exercise, as I said, is to move to a larger publication, a real eBook, a solid, paperback book, and possibly an audio book component. Fear Knocks presents Tales from the Dark Side, or Tales from Beyond, or something like that. So, any feedback you can give is wonderful. Post a comment here, post a rating on Amazon, or shoot me an email at fearknocks@gmail.com.

The first eBook is live, and you can buy it by Clicking Right Here:) The other three are on pre-order just in time for Christmas. The planets aligned and the stars are right, Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn. The hard copy, paperback, beautiful cover with front and back matter collection of short stories will hopefully follow in January 2018. Then, I have a date with destiny in June of 2018: I’ve been invited to release my first full-length novel at Spring Into Books, Madison Blackwood and The Twelve Hours of Night. It’s an interesting mix of YA, Dark Urban Fantasy, Action, Adventure, and Suspense. I believe they call that genre, as I alluded to earlier, doesn’t really fit in a clean, one owner, genre on a bookshelf or in the mind of an agent or publisher, or DRFIACOOGOABOITMOAAOP for short. Once these things have all been completed, I should be on the verge of world domination.

So, Fear Knocks presents, #2, Expendable, by K. Scott Forman, unofficial cover reveal…

As I sit here and type, I realize I’ve had my very first sale on Amazon. Someone bought my book that wasn’t my wife or mother, and they’ve even left a review (thank you, C.R. Langille). How exciting!

Here are the links to order or pre-order:

Lovecraft’s Pillow – Available

Expendable – Available December 17

Lost at Sea – Available December 18

The House that Jack Built – Available December 19

Now, back to writing, back to work, back to what I love to do!

Write on, my friends, write on!

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