Social Media Break or The Horror of Storymakers17

I really need a break from social media, albeit, those who follow my blog would think I’m on a social media break 10 months out of the year – sorry about that. As you can see from the title, this blog post started last May as “The Horror of Storymakers17, and has morphed into something different.  I’m just now getting around to finishing the Storymakers blog post, and just in time to announce I’m taking the month of July off from all things social media… so, let’s begin with Storymakers…

I have been attending the LDStorymakers for about a decade now, and every year I say, “I don’t really know if I want to go – I’ve seen everything, done everything, blah, blah, blah.” At the same time I reflect on several memories: There was that conversation with Jennifer Nielsen that got me going again, or chatting with Sarah Eden that made me believe in myself, or just seeing Joseph Smith Savage year after year – these things, and friends like (see Storymaker Tribe on Facebook), convince me to go. It has always been the right decision. I always learn something, always get recharged, and it’s nice seeing old friends, even if you just see them.

I’m sure you’re expecting me to tell you the same thing happened this year. It did, but this year it was a spiritual experience. In all my years coming to Storymakers, this was the first time the presenter asked us to open our scriptures (on our phones) and read a scripture, and in the horror workshop no less.

Can I just say I love Mercedes  M. Yardley.  Now don’t get all Relief Society Squee on me, but this was the one thing that made my Storymakers Conference worth the drive to Provo. As you can witness from the photo of Shelly Brown and Michael Bacera, Mercedes is kind of like the Holy Ghost: in the background, always happy, glad to be here, waiting for us to let her in:) Her class was kind of like that – still, small, and piercing to the core — some background: prior to the Storymakers conference, I had spent almost a week in Long Beach at the Horror Writers Association (HWA) Stoker Convention (StokerCon) on the Queen Mary – there were real ghosts there, per my pervious post, and despite trying to meet/greet Mercedes, it wasn’t to be until Storymakers – we were aware of each other, we had probably even met in some somecial media setting, but never in the flesh (as far as I can remember) — When we finally met, back to the H.G. reference, Mercedes had a way of making me feel like we were kindred spirits, had known each other since the pre-existence, and both, for some crazy reason, decided to have challenging kids come to spend a short stay in mortality with us. She is an inspiration (and it was nice to get a short break from the dominating YR/YA/Romance themes of Storymakers). Now, several months after the fact, it is a feeling more than content that makes me glad about Storymakers (and sorry if this wasn’t the best write up ever).

Now, back to the social media break… well, I’ve been in a slump lately. Ever since I quit smoking and drinking coffee (was it last year, least decade, last week?), getting my hair cut (January?), shaving on a regular basis (February?), and working in an LDS Temple twice a week, things haven’t been the same – maybe it was that surgery I had, or possibly family fun (READ: challenges of special needs children et al), or my belief system constanly evolving, or maybe the state of my Nation, or that undiagnosed PTSD – whatever it was or is, I have been unable to write, to finish anything, to even want to – yes, I think depression may play a small role – Memorial Day was tough – remembering all the fellow airmen I had served with who didn’t make it out alive, most due to suicide, and then one of my idols, Chris Cornell, not making it out alive either. You would think for a horror writer, a lover of Hemingway, always being accused of being too literary, there would be more fodder for the dark cannon, a seven course meal with my muse, or at least some heavy duty bleeding of ink most excellent onto a page. I can’t explain it. And then…

I took a short hiatus back to my poetry roots, and wonderful enough, I’m having a poem picked up in the soon to be published HWA poetry anthology. Even that good news is not enough to get me back in my groove… so, a break from social media…

A few final points for July – everyone that is registering for my website, why aren’t you singing up for my newsletter? I keeping getting emails like:

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What does it all mean?

So, if you’ve registered, why not sign up for my newsletter – yes, I plan to have it go out at least every 10 months or so (for now)

Re-reading through this blog post reminds me of a definition of bi-polar – anyway –

Happy Independence Day! Happy Pioneer Day! See you all again in August:)


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  1. Does anyone ever comment on these things?

  2. Jodi Milner says:

    Yes, we comment – but it takes a while! 🙂
    Great message, the struggle is real and it’s worth fighting. I enjoyed talking the other day! (Please ignore the whole awkward “how married” conversation – been having dread flashbacks about that, yikes. Me and my mouth, I swear one of these days…)

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